Bringing in some Operations into the Constructive Solid Geometry

Having only some basic shapes doesn’t give exiting scenes. They need to be combined by operations. Their article is now online covering union, intersection, difference, negation and scale!

CSG Operations: Union, intersection, difference, negation

Starting with Constructive Solid Geometry

After a while (well, almost exactly one year), it’s time to continue with some new material. The introduction and the very first article about Constructive Solid Geometry is now online, covering some basic shapes.

1: Sphere, cube and plane as basic CSG shapes

Let’s start with the Level of Detail

With the Level of Detail mechanism, very large volume terrains can be rendered. An introduction article is now online, presenting how the different parts are connected and so giving an overview. Those will be then described in single articles.

Small Update

Thanks to the feedback of the OGRE forum user holocronweaver, some errors in the articles “Volume Model“, “Discrete Grid“, “Triplanar Texturing” and “Deriving the Dualgrid” have been corrected.

The last piece of the DMC-puzzle: Contouring the Dualgrid

After the long article about the derivation of the Dualgrid, the hard part of Dual Marching Cubes is done. Now, only the triangulation is left, which is now covered in a rather short article.


With that, some nice volume meshes can be created. But for terrain, a Level of Detail mechanism is still needed, this is what will come up next.

The last Datastructure before the Triangles appear in DMC: The Dualgrid

The longest article so far is online, it’s how to derive the Dualgrid from the Octree. This is the last tedious part, until the real Dual Marching Cubes triangles appear!

The complete Dualgrid of the quarter sphere scene

The complete Dualgrid of the quarter sphere scene